About Us

Villa trading private limited was established in 13th January 2021 as a general trading company which is a subsidiary of villa group of companies.

Our core business is to supply quality food and beverages in the market along with other commodities including cosmetics and other house hold items. Our aim is to strategically position ourselves among the most admired marketers and distributors of these products to meet the various needs of consumers every day.

Villa trading is involved in both wholesale and retail business. Where its retail business is mainly targeted towards providing high quality consumer goods at affordable prices. Villa mart is an established retail business 100 percent owned and operated under Villa trading private limited. Currently there are two major outlets of Villa mart operated in the capital city Male’, however the company aims to expand its retail business further by establishing new outlets all over the country.

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to deliver premium and high quality products with convenient pricing to maintain our customer satisfaction. We aim to constantly serve the nutritional needs of our local community simultaneously by fostering and focusing on our brand identity and corporate social responsibility


To be recognized as a pioneer leading supplier of commodities in the market. While sustaining a unique excellent service to our customers.

Our Brands


Villa Trading is the Exclusive distributor of ALMARAI; one of the region’s leading food and beverage production and distribution companies, in addition to being amongst the world’s largest vertically integrated dairy products brands. ALMARAI is committed to the growth of Food service industry dedicated and specialized towards customer demands at Resorts, Bakeries, commercial and institutional catering and manufacturing). Recognized as the No.1 Brand of YouGov FMCG /CPG Rankings 2021 in the Middle East, we are delighted to provide you with the high-grade dairy products produced from their own six dairy farms globally.


Hailing from the homeland of wheat, Banetti is one of the top pasta brands in Turkey. Produced with semolina obtained from 100% durum wheat, which is Anatolia’s gift to the world cuisine. Banetti pasta adds flavour to your tables with its richness in taste and quality. Banetti Noodles is also produced with 100% Anatolian wheat along with its award-winning seasonings. Fertile Anatolian wheat is used to create Banetti flour which enhances then quality and consistency of your favourite dishes. At Villa Trading, we offer a wide range of Banetti products for noodles, pasta & flour.


Eti is the leading confectionary company in Turkey specializing in biscuits, cakes, chocolate, crackers and children's products. Eti has provided different perspectives and unique forms of eating experiences to the snacks category over the years, with diverse new flavours in varying products. With its innovative approach, Eti has always influenced consumer trends whilst developing the industry. Enjoyed and loved by all generations as one of the leading names of Turkey’s snack industry, Eti has created many unique and brand-new products, first of their kind, which has since then become an irreplaceable taste in daily life. A wide range of ETI products including biscuit sandwiches, wafers, chocolates etc. is offered at Villa Trading.


Rostaa is a flagship brand of Royal Dry Foods Pvt Limited which has been in operation for over two decades in India and has its brand presence globally. Rostaa is the premium superfood brand with the most diversified range of high-grade dried fruits, nuts, berries & grains. Rostaa products are versatile in taste and nature, enjoy them as they are. Use them in your daily cooking or make exceptional recipes with them. Each of their exclusive assortments have been carefully and tastefully put together to suit every need and every mood. Thanks to the reseal-able packaging, Rostaa superfoods stay fresh and delightful all day long. Villa Trading offers a vast selection of items from Rostaa which are handpicked and harvested at its finest.

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Call: +960 7979944
Saturday-Thursday (9am-4pm)

Email: sales@villatrading.mv

Location: Villa Mart 1, Fareedhee Magu
Male' , Maldives